Create the "Right Mood" with our Scent Marketing Solutions

We are an Irish based Scent Marketing company that provides the highest quality fragrance oils and scenting solutions to enhance the health and beauty of any space. Discover more about our unique scenting solutions and what they can do for your Business and Home.

Our Services

Signature Scent Development

A Signature Scent consists of a special scent that will match perfectly your brand identity. At Scent Ireland, we take care of the development of this unique fragrance by tailoring it especially for your needs.

Commercial Scenting

Scent Ireland’s Commercial Scent Machines are ideal for a range of areas including Hotels, Theatres, Museums, Retail, Gyms, Spas, Hospitals and Nursing Homes. We offer a wide range of Scent Machines and we can advise on the best type to fit your needs.

Event Scenting

Scent Ireland can create a unique scent marketing experience for your special event. Whether its a small or large scale event, we can cater for your exact needs.

Odour Neutralisation

Scent Ireland can provide an effective solution to neutralising any bad odours in commercial premises. Our contact odour eliminator product is a 100% natural which means we don’t use any harsh chemicals or mask the problem with fragrance.



Expert Advice

Our scent experts can offer you the best advice in selecting the right scent to enhance your business.


Lifetime Warranty

All our scent systems come with a lifetime guarantee and our scent compositions are make only using the highest quality scent oils.

Free Consultation & Trial

We offer a FREE trial to try out with no obligation after.