Scents for Car Dealership Showrooms


Enhance the ‘mood’ and create a memorable buying experience for Customers

The main objective as a car dealership is to effectively market your brand and build customer loyalty.

We work with Car Dealerships to improve and elevate the ‘mood’ of a showroom by using our unique background scenting systems.

Scent Ireland have developed strategic high quality scent compositions which can deepen your brand’s identity, increase value perception and create a pleasant and memorable experience for customers, but also form a stronger, more memorable connection with them.

Benefits for Car Showrooms and Car dealership using Scent Ireland:

• Creates a pleasurable and calming atmosphere for your potential customers.
• Assists them in making purchasing decision.
• Improve customer experience.
• Increases willingness to buy.
• Make customers remember the pleasant experience they had as scent is linked to memory.
• Have customers coming back to your showroom.
• Bad smells are eliminated naturally from Cars.

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