Office Spaces


Office Space Scenting using Natural Essential Oil Scents


An office environment completely free from malodors is crucial to the well-being of your associates. Studies have shown that scenting a commercial office reduces stress and increases productivity.

Kate Fox, the Director of Social Issues Research Centre, reported findings that showed exposure to pleasant scents significantly enhances performance on work-related tasks. In particular, peppermint was found to increase alertness and improve performance.

With Scent Irelands tailored Natural Essential Oil scenting solutions for Office Spaces, you’ll be able to enhance both large and small office environments with ease.


Areas of use:

  • Reception/Lobby Area
  • Open Plan Office Spaces
  • Offices
  • Canteen
  • Toilets

Office Space Scenting Benefits:

  • Improves Employees Performance
  • Removes any Malodours. eg. Food & Sweat.
  • Cleans the air – removes any unwanted air borne viruses.
  • Creates an inviting, familiar environment.
  • Reduces Workplace Stress & Tension.
  • 100% Natural Essential Oil scents promote good health.


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