With current technologies it is possible to have beautiful high end fragrances diffused for a small price. Scent Marketing companies like Scent Ireland are here to help you find the fragrance that will be the perfect match for your Hotel brand.

Every brand is unique and your scent should be like your olfactive logo saying how awesome you are in a sniff.

Here are five ways to successfully scent your Hotel and create a positive experience for your guests:

1. Choose a scent that makes sense.

Ambient scents can have a positive effect on your guests if the scent seems to match the Hotel’s image. Developing a scent consists of the same process as choosing your hotels décor or planning your hotels visuals and design.

2. Be consistent.

Consistency can be done by using the same scent in all areas of your Hotel: a Signature Scent. When a scent becomes synonym of your brand and customers start to associate it with you, you’re doing it right.

3. Keep it subtle.

The last thing you want is the scent to be overpowering. The scent should be part of the experience, a cuddle rather than a slap in the face. Think of music in a store, it should be an element of the décor. Too soft you won’t hear it at all, too strong it will make you want to leave and annoy you. Same goes for scent, success comes when you barely notice the scent but you enjoy being in this particular space.

Ambient Scenting has now become increasingly popular across Europe for Hoteliers to use to distinguish their hotel brand and to create the right ‘mood’ and a memorable experience for their guests. Scent Ireland aims to provide business owners in Ireland the same opportunity to introduce a scent marketing strategy into their business.

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Cian O’Connor