About Us

Scent Ireland provides Scent Marketing solutions to all all types of businesses from Hospitality, to the Retail Industry. Our scent experts work with businesses to unlock the power of scent to improve indoor ambience in any setting. Our Scent systems can operate independently of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and require no messy installation. Our products are independently certified as safe to be used in the environs of Hospitals and food production areas.

Emotions we experience Daily affected by Smell
Elevated Mood by having the right Scent
Increases Brand impact when 3 senses are triggered

The Power Of Scent

The sense of smell is the most powerful way to connect with your client’s emotions and memories. A smell can evoke specific memories, affect people’s moods, and even influence their behaviour. Scent has been used around the world for thousands of years and companies have only recently started to realize the benefits of using a high quality premium scent as part of their brand identity.

91 % Positive Impact
48 % Likely to return
67 % Relaxed & patient
80 % Wish to purchase

Our Services

Scent Ireland provides the following services for our customers.

Scent branding

We can use our premium scents to project what message you want to deliver to your customers.

Odour Neutralisation

An effective natural alternative to harsh chemical sprays

Event Scenting

We can provide our mobile scent diffusers for your event

Scent Delivery Systems

Our commercial scent diffusers can cover an area from 80m3 to 5000m3.

Signature Scent Development

Develop your own unique scent composition for your brand

Quality Assured

All our units have been professionally designed, are Eco-Friendly and use the latest technology to deliver a quality product.
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