Best Scents for Office or Workplace

Most of us spend much of our lives in offices, in fact we nearly spend as much time in an office as we do at home. The average irish person spends about 1,600 hours per year at the office. In Ireland today, we currently associate any addition of a “perfume” scent to a work place negativly and we voice strong oppostion to addition of it. No matter how bad the presense of a bad odour or poor quality of air is in the workplace we still rather that than the addition of a scent.  Why? Its because the only option we think are available are aersol battery operated toilet air-freshener types or worse those synthetic scent plugins. You will find they will cause people to get headaches and have breathing difficulties and can sometimes even add to the poor air problem.

Times are changing. Did you know there is an alternative?

The Benefits of Scenting an Office

The benefits of introducing essential oil into an office environment have great benefit. They not only affect performance and productivity but also health. According to Beverly Hawkins, owner of the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, located in Vancouver, Canada:

“Essential oils have anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and using them in an environment where there are a lot of people can help keep germs at bay.” Office scents can boost mood and increase productivity substantially.

5 Office Scents that Benefit the Workplace:

  1. Lavender: For high stress work environments, lavender has distinctive calming properties. It is very soothing to the nerves and reduces tension, which can work well in highly stressed work situations.
  2. Peppermint: More than just a fresh flavoring for toothpaste or chewing gum, peppermint is also well known for its ability to stimulate alertness and mental clarity. The perfect scent to introduce into a conference room slated for an important meeting or brain storming session, this energy-booster promotes concentration and focused thinking.
  3. Lime: This very strong citrus scent shakes the mind into immediate action. It relieves tension, anger and anxiety in the workplace. It also promotes the perception of cleanliness, even if your particular work space is not!
  4. Rosemary: One of the most popular oils to promote productivity and concentration, rosemary is lauded for its uplifting and stimulating effects on the mind and memory. This is an ideal oil for an office environment where deep concentration is a necessity.
  5. Lemongrass: The fresh, lemony aroma of lemongrass will invigorate your senses and open your mind. Your officemates will feel awake and aware with this energetic, earthy essential oil.

Ambient Scenting Vs Scent Branding

Everyone is well aware that the presence of a pleasing ambient scent can influence people to engage in largely unconscious behavior. In an office environment, this can translate into more productivity and alertness. While aromatherapy may not seem at all helpful or related to business growth and productivity, is a practice that office owners and managers should consider learning more about.

Scenting can do wonders to boost morale and increase productivity in office settings. However, business owners and managers must do their homework, so that the desired result pays off. This translates into finding the right company to carry the process from beginning to end. Scent Ireland leads the way in Ireland to offer the best advice and high quality essential oil scents. Why not start by giving us a call and we’ll take it from there!