Essential Oils for your Business

Use Essential Oils to Attract Customers

Scent Ireland can help you create the right scent marketing solution with our organic essential oils.

Through years of research and studies it was found that essential oils have the capability of evoking an emotional response through our sense of smell which is linked with memory. The inhaled aroma of the essential oils helps in stimulating the functioning of the brain. It also helps in enhancing the mood of the customer and thus helps in customer satisfaction.

In Ireland, we seems to accept poor quality scents that are either synthetic made essential oil copies or are over leave us with a negative response and even headaches.

The use of essential oil candles also has zero therapeutic benefits and even are harmful as you are virtually burning the oil.

Below we have outlined some of our most popular organic essentials oils we use for our customers. We also use essential oils on our bespoke fragrances to reinforce the quality we deliver as a scent marketing company.


    Our Top 5 Essential Oils We Use:


    Our organic essential oil, a product of Italy, is produced by cold pressing. Its complex aroma is a mainly citrus but has fruity and sweet tones, with a zesty, warm yet floral quality. Bergamot is a favourite of the perfumery industry for its balancing and harmonising qualities.


    Fresh floral fragrance stimulates relaxation and helps relieve anxiety. Our Lavender essential oil originates in Bulgaria. Lavender is famous for its fresher and more floral note and it is a prevalent choice among massage therapists and aromatherapists as it combines soothing quality with a particularly enjoyable, floral scent. 

    lemongrass essential oil


    Our Lemongrass oil which originates from Ski Lanka, has a light, fresh aroma with distinctly earthy undertones and it has long been a popular choice for aromatherapy. As a natural deodoriser it is in a class of its own, the mild sweet fragrance, has antibacterial & antifungal properties.


    Distilled in India from the commonly grown herb using steam. Peppermint may have a genuine claim to be the most adaptable essential oil on the planet, along with Lavender. Peppermint has a Menthol fragrance, is invigorating and relaxes tense muscles & joints.


    Originating from Madagascar, our Ylang Ylang essential Oil is Steam-distilled from the flowers of the Cananga tree. Our essential oil is of the highest quality, being a product of the first stage of the distillation process. Sweet floral bouquet, mood enhancer, the abundant, richly floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang is present in a vast range of household and personal products.


    If you would like to learn more about how our organic essential oils can benefit your business, why not send us a message via our contact form and we will get in touch.