Scent branding isn’t a new concept however the trend has grown exponentially over the last decade making it a norm for hoteliers to offer signature scents since Day 1. Branding specialists of Mandarin Oriental’s stated that hotel guests remember the scents twice as vividly as the physical objects they experience with their eyes.

According to a research by Sense of Smells Institute 65 percent smells can be recalled even after a year by the human nose. However, as for sight only 50% of the visuals are retained after 6 months only. Smell greatly effects our daily emotions and mood swings compared to other senses. This implies that scent branding is an invisible marketing strategy that shows considerable results for majority of hotels.

During a customer survey about scent branding, astonishing facts were discovered that shed light onto the importance of this exquisite strategy. 74% consumers exclaimed that they are drawn into a store because of smell while 42% claim that ambience and pleasant environment are their top priority in a store. Scent branding has been an effective technique in retail marketing as well, it increases the chances of a purchase by 80% as customers linger longer in the store.

How a Branded Scent is made?

Foremost as a hotelier, it’s imperative to take help of the professional scent-branders for developing your own particular scent. The branders are equipped to consider minute details whilst making a branded scent for a hotel. They will consider the color, texture and the atmosphere of the destination. They’ll be examining all the logistical concerns including the opening and closing of windows or doors etc.

After thorough examination, the scent branders dwell into the emotional realm of the business. They would understand the targeted audience and the essence of the brand. Scents tones range from energizing to soothing to seductive or playful. As a hotelier, you’ll have an extensive range of smells to choose from each presenting another piece to the missing puzzle.

Aroma marketing is a sensory human experience that stimulates one’s desire to perform a certain action. Scents are an interpretation of generations and cultures that create an impression on the hotel guests. The idea of sensory marketing is pretty straight forward, to create a memorable aroma that would remind you of your pleasant experience even after departing. Some hotels tend to create olfactory that signify the “homey” nature of the place welcoming their guests on board.

Scent designers are trained to identify the motivation behind a particular brand and reflect its uniqueness within its signature smell. At Scent Ireland, we understand that the hotel’s true reflection should be the prime focus of the scent. With years of experience in sensory marketing industry, our

company designs custom fragrances for luxury brands around Ireland to create immaculate experiences. We focus our efforts into understanding the requirements of a hotel and put forward solutions that adhere to it. So, let your noses tingle as we create a gem for your marvelous hotel.