Think about your sense of smell for a moment, with every breath we perceive our environment. Scents determine what we like and what we don’t like. Scents are nostalgic, bringing back old memories and feelings. They are inspirational and influential, mainly affecting our behaviour.

Warm cookies, salty sea breeze, and fresh-cut grass – these are just some of certain scents that evoke memories and can make someone feel contented and cosy, happy and energized.

When it comes to building the design of a business, the majority of business owners tend to ignore the significance of diffusing pleasant background scent. Most focus on improving the aesthetic, visual of the surrounding. Aesthetically appealing and functional building design is already embraced by various businesses, though businesses need to think of innovative ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. One of todays’ innovative and sought after ways to not just catch customer attention but also be able to connect with them is scent marketing. Is this the missing link of building design? Let us answer such through learning what scent marketing is and how powerful it may become.


Scent Marketing Explained

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The realm of marketing is in intense competition. If you wanted to be visible in the eyes of the customers, convince customers to buy your product, or to create a positive brand image of your business, then you should think of and implement something unique and creative that will leave your customers thinking about your business for long or simply develop a good brand-customer connection.

Scent marketing, also referred as aroma marketing, pertains to the use of aromas and smells to promote strong connection between a brand and its customers; is a powerful but subtle way for the company to gain its customer’s loyalty whether it is in the financial institution, healthcare, hospitality office, retail location or any other enclosed environment.

It is one of the newer frontiers in the field of marketing and is becoming widely used by progressive businesses to distinguish their products and boost their sales.

However, scent or aroma marketing is far more than simply diffusing a nice fragrance in a particular space. It is the art of taking a business’ brand identity, target audience, marketing message, and formulating a scent, which amplifies such values.

The concept of using scent to sell a product or service is nothing new. Since the dawn of time, religion has already been assaulting human’s senses with incense while real estate agents have been known for encouraging baking prior to house viewings. The use of senses in marketing has already been recognized for some time.

Companies have been using such to build an appeal of a certain brand. However, the official scent or aroma marketing is significantly growing in popularity these days. The popularity behind this is not just a mere marketing conjecture – it is backed up with science.


Scent Marketing – Leave a Long Lasting Scented Impression

Smells are strongly and more quickly associated with memories in comparison to auditory or visual cues. Why? It is because smell is the only sense that is directly connected to the limbic system of the brain. Such system houses memories and emotions.

Smell memory is considered as the most powerful part of humans’ memory. Humans are able to recognise ten thousand different odours. Once you perceive a scent, you sure connect it to a person, event, or object. Once you smell such scent again, it will often trigger the memory in a conditioned response form. Generally, it is assumed that 75 percent of human’s emotions are affected by smell.

In connection with business, according to researches, 40 percent of customers likely stay for a longer period of time in pleasantly scented places. The longer an individual stay, the more likely he or she is to purchase or develop a connection with the brand. What does this mean? You are likely leaving a lasting impression of your business in their mind. With this, they are likely to make repetitive business due to that scented first impression.


Different Scents Evoke Different Emotions

Numerous different scents can evoke different emotions and behaviours. Hence, it is worth taking enough time to select the appropriate scent for the business. Generally, it depends on the goal of scent marketing or the goal of the business.

Crisp and fresh citrus scents like mandarin suits well in fitness centres and office environments as such create an energetic and invigorating atmosphere.  Fruity fragrances like pomegranate are also popular as they create an uplifting and youthful vibe, hence works well in hotel lobbies and casinos.

Hence, choosing the right scent for your business is significant to leverage scent marketing. Having a bespoke scent for your business is highly recommended. The use of sense of smell does not just make a good marketing strategy but also great brand recognition strategy. Scent Branding benefits business through helping increase business sales, traffic, acquire more customers, and generates brand loyalty.


However, coming up with signature scent can take time as it needs meticulous consultation, design, as well as testing.

Scent Ireland’s commercial Scenting Solutions offer a revolution in the field of scent marketing by improving air quality, removing odours and creating a background mood as desired by the client, helping businesses in various industries to leverage what scent marketing or scent branding has to offer. If you wish to receive more information on what Scent Ireland can offer you, you can contact us on 021 4389808.